Howdy!  Have you ever made a decorating decision that you thought you liked, but, the more you looked at it, the less you liked it until you just had to change it so you could sleep at night?
That happens to me sometimes and because I'm known to change things often, that's exactly what I did.  I'm referring to the big ol' EXPRESS sign in my kitchen.  I love it, I really do, but NOT in our kitchen.  I just felt like it didn't belong there, so, that kinda started a couple of small changes that I'm really happy with.
I think this word definitely belongs in our kitchen. :)

My hubby is always picking letters and numbers for me so I looked to see if I had the letters to spell out Family.  I didn't.  I was short the L and Y, so I decided to make them myself with wood scraps.

I simply printed out an L and Y from my Word program on the computer, traced them onto the wood and then cut them using a jig saw.

For the L, I used walnut, so I coated it in the dark raw tung oil that I coat my bread boards with.  For the Y, I used maple and I didn't want it light, so I spray painted it with oil rubbed bronze.  I also spray painted the A and M the same color.  The F and I are iron so I didn't do anything to those.

My goal was to have different shades of earthy browns.  I really like this so much better than the Express sign and it fits us perfectly because the kitchen is the heart of our home.
Another change I made was to bring the vintage looking concession menu that I made for my sweet hubby for Father's Day into the kitchen.  It just seems more appropriate in the kitchen and I'm so happy I did.  I think it's the perfect space for it.

And I'd really like to fill those two large jars to the side of it with vintage cardboard popcorn containers.  I filled the smaller jar with gray and white paper straws which we love.
Just small changes that made my day.....
I'm currently working on my laundry room.  Which is the room you see through the french door in the photo above.  And looks like you can see laundry all over the floor in the photo above that.  :)

I bought the cutest thing that I'm going to feature on my blog Friday for the new twice monthly feature here at Our Vintage Home Love.  I love it when I find something that makes me so happy that it inspires me to give some attention to a room that I otherwise wouldn't.

And I would like to take a moment and say that the comments you have all left on my bread board giveaway have truly touched my heart.  I don't like to get all sappy, but, sometimes you just gotta..........some of your comments had me in tears, not because they were sad but because some of you shared little memories about your dads and family that made me so happy.  I feel so blessed that something that is so special to me, has become so for you, as well.  Thank you for loving my bread boards.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  :)


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