Once again, my husband and I are 'empty nesters' as our son heads off to college out of state, but we still have Bailey, and she is as sweet as ever and twice as big as my last photos of her on this blog. She is too large for a lap dog - Leonbergers are a giant breed - but often will come and 'lean' against me as I am typing away on my laptop, or place her head in my lap and gaze up at me with her big brown eyes. She is good company for the 'empty nest' syndrome.

On to things of a decorating nature!
And can I just say, while I am on the subject, that you shouldn't have anything in your home that you don't LOVE (or isn't beautiful or useful).

This is your haven,
a reflection of your unique personality
the place in which you spend the most time,
gather your family and experience the best part of life.
This is the home you MAKE.

So take a few minutes and think about your home. 

How do you want it to look, feel, smell . . . .?
What are your favorite things - does your home say "haven",

does it reflect your unique taste and mirror what you love in life? 

What does it feel like to your spouse, your children, your guests? 

What about it would you change?

I love a beautiful bed.

I'm currently scouting out ideas for clients, and dreaming a little of redoing my own bedroom. . . .

so I thought I'd share a few bedroom ideas.

And what makes a bedroom a 'haven'.

Fabrics play an important part in a bedroom. They muffle or absorb sound, soften hard edges, evoke comfort, add texture, set a mood, exhibit style and create coziness. All things that are definitely desirable in a bedroom.   Take a look at some bedrooms where fabric plays an important role...

Color can change a room's mood from light and airy to warm and fuzzy and all the places inbetween. Color creates ambience and can make or break a room. Deep rich colors and warm tones make a room feel warm and cozy. Lighter tones feel brighter and more airy. Certain colors create  feeling of  rest and calm.  Bright tones are more contemporary and youthful.   Here are a few rooms where color creates mood.

Cozy, masculine

calm and soothing
fresh and clean

warm, inviting

The focal point of a bedroom should be, of course, the bed. 

It should invite, be comfortable, and be beautiful.

Layers are the key when dressing a bed. Whether creating an ultra feminine bed, a clean lined contemporary styled bed, or a childs bed - comfort is expressed in layers. A bed is layered with sheets, blankets, bedspreads, pillows, duvets - all to bring luxury and comfort to your room. High thread count sheets not only wear longer, but feel more luxurious. A down comforter adds warmth without weight.

An upholstered headboard can add another layer of fabric, color and softness. 


Bedroom furniture needs to be functional, but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring. I personally hate matched bedroom sets - which leave your bedroom looking impersonal - like a furniture store.

  I love finding perfect pieces that go together beautifully.  This room has both warm color and luxurious bedding.
I have always loved a little bench at the foot of the bed.  Functional, yet comfortable.

If you are blessed to have enough room for a little seating area, make it the perfect place to read, relax and put your feet up.

You may recognize this as the bedroom in "Somethings Gotta Give".  A perfect 'haven'.

Some bedroom accessories need to be functional and are fairly obvious...   Bedside lamps for example need to be the correct height to read by, but not so bright as so illuminate the whole room.  Mirrors are necessary to check hair, makeup, clothing, etc.   But functional does not have to mean boring, as you will see in the following photos.

Wall sconces and table lamps, as well as mirrors grace this soothing room

Lamps run the range from traditional to contemporary - mix em up!

Love this mirror

These look so much better than those metal and glass closet sliders

A mirror can make a big statement

or a small and sparkly one

Let's not overlook the obvious.  Charm needs to figure in here somewhere, as well.  And for those of you who share your bedroom, you CAN have that romantic feel without making it too feminine. 

(Recognize this from "Holiday"?)
Neutral tones and luxurious appointments, including the wingback headboard make this room yummy!

Bring a little romance in with a chandelier over the bed, or over the bedside table...

White linens, dark walls and a bed you can literally sink into....
sigh... I'm ready for a nap!

I hate my master bedroom floorplan.  A sleeping area combined with sink, shower/tub, closet and toilet area - separated by - nothing but an open doorway.
My husband gets up at 6:30 a.m.  I am not a morning person.  I'm more of an 8:00 a.m. riser.  (Although I spent a good part of my life on the 6:30 a.m. shift, and earlier).  The sink is about 4 feet away from my side of the bed.  There is actually no other wall to have my bed on.  What were they thinking when they planned this room????
AND, I have the typical walk in closet, built in shelves and the only other storage is the vanity.  Which is also poorly planned and not very spacious.
SOMEDAY, I will rip it all out and redo it.  But for now....
here are some storage and privacy solutions we can both benefit from.
You can always pull the bed curtains around you...

I like the idea of pulling a curtain over the opening - keeping the light low
Interlining would muffle some of the sound....

another option would be a screen

which also works great behind a bed for a beautiful accent

Storage in a bedroom can be as simple as baskets under the bed

Or custom shelving

Open shelves are a great place to stow decorative bed pillows overnight
Baskets hide less than pretty items

I love bookshelves in a bedroom - so I'd have to vote for a wall of bookshelves in my room...

and finally,

Nothing is more of an eyesore in a beautiful bedroom than technology....
but it doesn't have to be on display 24/7

You can hide it behind closed doors
Or in a faux fireplace - creating a beautiful focal point

Let it get lost in a wall grouping

Or hide technology with technology
and invest in a cabinet with a lift...

Or in a wall cabinet
But my favorite of all is the mirror, that is more than a mirror.  Special mirrored glass hides the flat screen t.v., recessed into a wall, until the t.v. is turned on.  Now its a mirror - and presto - its a t.v. Magic!

What would you like to include in your 'haven'? 
I'm dreaming about what I would like to do to my master suite . . .  how about you?


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