I'm planning a wedding in Dallas. It is my first experience planning over the phone and via email - a little hard to convey ideas sometimes! So, I sent off little sketches of my vision for the wedding (reception) and crossed my fingers, waiting to hear back from them, hoping I got it right.

I just heard back from the bride. She emailed me to say that she LOVED every little thing and that I had made her dreams come true. How adorable! I was amazed she could tell from my scribbles what I was hoping to create for her.


The bride is a true princess. She is a beauty queen, a ballerina, homecoming queen and student body president of her high school to name a few of her accomplishments. So I created ideas fit for a princess and with her colors of ice pink, chocolate and ivory. Here are some of my scribbles and photos of the venue. I will keep you updated as we progress!

We will be using ivory linens as our base (the Bride's dress is ivory) and making runners with rhinestone encrusted tassels to top them. The venue looks like it will be beautiful. I love the fact that it is already complying with our color scheme with the walls a beautiful chocolate brown. There are interesting architectural features - columns, moldings....

and beautiful embossed tin ceilings and chandeliers dripping with crystals. I'm planning on using this mirror to our best advantage by placing the wedding cake in front.

Here is a little detail of the top of the cake. The layers will be encircled with rhinestone studded ribbon in chocolate and pink.

  This venue calls for a tall centerpiece on these tables. I'm looking for the perfect containers. Possibly a tall candlestick! 

The linens for the cake table and the entry table with the bride's guest book will have ivory linens on the bottom, topped by a beaded edge cloth with rhinestone encrusted ribbon tassels. The banquet tables will be flanked by tall buffet lamps with customized lampshades.

Throughout the decor is the monogram 'K' - representative of the new last name of the bride.

The black chairs were a bit of an eyesore. I really didn't want to drape them - I always think that looks like someone has gone off on vacation and put dust covers on everything - so I came up with an alternative.

The bride saw this idea at a wedding show and immediately fell in love with it.  We will feature black and white wedding photos of the couple's parents, grandparents and other relatives tied to manzanita branches. I'm also incorporating the crystal/rhinestone theme here by tying vintage chandelier crystals to the branches as well.

We decided on a popcorn bar - (Kolorado Kernels) with a couple of different flavors. The popcorn will be served in these paper cones with a monogramed medallion on front. In the foyer, on a beautiful arched wrought iron door, I'm going to make a (pink) floral wreath with sumptuous ribbons and a rhinestone and pearl wire script of the bride and grooms first names.


On the outside of the building on the entry door I'm thinking of doing something similar with a boxwood or green wreath. I love to have something outside that announces the event within. We will add little twinkle lights there as well. Two sconces flank the entry door - I thought these leaf covered cones filled with flowers and hung by beautiful ribbon would be elegant there.

 More later.... Claudine


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