As homeowners, it is important to make upgrades and improvements to our homes

this is especially true with bathrooms.

Dated plumbing, tilework and fixtures will hamper the sale of an otherwise lovely home and lead buyers to believe the proper maintenance may not have been performed over the years.

In this bathroom remodel, my client wanted a furniture look to the vanity. We found this semi-custom model with a travertine marble top, but you can also use an actual piece of furniture, (new or vintage) have holes for the sinks cut and a piece of granite or marble made for the top.

My clieint fell in love with this beautiful handmade tile by Sonoma Tilemakers. The handmade nature of these tiles creates a depth and variation in the glaze as well as slight imperfections in the tiles (they are not completely square or perfectly straight) which gives a slightly rustic feel to the otherwise elegant patterns. I had so much fun putting the patterns together to create this shower wall.

We added a niche in the shower wall for easy access to shampoo or soap.

Brushed nickel fixtures and towel bars were selected

Here is a close up of the sink with the backsplash detail behind.

When you are doing a bathroom remodel on plumbing that is over a few years old (in this case over 20), always open the wall and check the plumbing out. A preventative check now will save tearing out new tilework later.

New shower fixtures usually require the installation of a new thermostat or valve, so you will already have access inside the wall. In this case, we also raised the height of the shower head to accomodate the 6'2" husband.

A beautiful new frameless glass shower enclosure keeps the water in without obscuring the beautiful tile work.


We also took the tilework all the way to the ceiling.

And wrapped the window with tile as well. The frameless glass shower door opens in or out for easy access.

The floor was covered in a sturdy porcelain tile resembling travertine. We layed it very tightly together, with minimal grout lines like stone. The insets are actual etched travertine. The result is a wonderful old world look, exactly what the client wanted!

My client fell in love with this image by Montserrat Masdeu of a Tuscany or Provence building and garden. Because we were placing it in a potentially damp area (this one over the toilet, next to the shower)
 I had it mounted on a foamcore board and I gel coated it.
This process not only protects the print, but when done correctly with brush strokes that mimic the painting, it actually looks like an oil painting. No glass is necessary.

One of my favorite images, this is the companion piece to go in the sink/dressing area. You can see some of the brush strokes on the left side if you look carefully.

We painted the rooms a soft gold which contrasts beautifully with the dark wood and blends with the tilework. We added crown molding, a new baseboard and a wider door molding for architectural detail.

We removed the construction grade mirror and added a wider and larger mirror - taking it to the ceiling and expanding its width to both walls. On installation of the mirror, we had a hole cut and installed the vanity light directly over the glass. This not only looks great, but reflects more light into the room.

Last of all we added the artwork (by the same artist)

The color has been off a little in this post.  There are not actually any pink doors in this room - and the walls are not lemon yellow - but hopefully you get the idea and feel correct!


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