Howdy!  Hubby came home the other day with a couple of vintage music magazines and I LOVE them.  Everyone in our family is a huge music fan so these were pretty special.
Check out the date......1936 and 37!  How cool is that?   And they are full of all kinds of wonderful vintage ads.
 And sheet music, of course.
I thought they were so interesting and unique but I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with them, until I saw this.
We have a guest bathroom off of our kitchen in the laundry room that is very neglected as far as decorating goes.  I saw this pic in my recent issue of Pottery Barn and was instantly inspired to do my own version with the pages from these beautiful vintage music magazines and since it's a tiny bathroom, they will work perfectly.  I've got some really neat things in mind and I'm excited to give our overlooked guest bathroom a little TLC.  Oh, I love a project!

Have a great day!


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