Sunny Southern California

welcome heart
Carolanne's garden is a magical place.  So magical, in fact, that I couldn't seem to stop taking pictures.  I know I took way too many - so I will keep the commentary to a minimum and just let you enjoy the beauty that is Carolanne's garden.

wrought iron bench - front yard

garden view from the street
Her garden is filled with flowers, each specimen tended tenderly, like children, and accented with treasures she has carefully selected.  The result is pure magic.

antique urn in the walkway

shabby urns

flower border - front window planter

delphinium and ballerina rose

Exploring this garden is like a treasure hunt - with each glance revealing a new hidden treasure.  A unique accessory...

candle sconce

ledge and watering can - front yard

tiny birdhouse - front window border

lavender and yellow
She collects beautiful and unique plants she selects from local nurseries or orders online from Annies Annuals and Perennials (highly recommended by Carolanne for quality and variety).

hollyhock grows through wrought iron heart basket
Hers is a true cottage garden:  flowers in abundance and growing with abandon, carefully selected accents and statuary, unique pots, cozy and inviting seating areas. . .  well, you'll see what I mean as we explore Carolanne's magical garden....

bright pink hollyhock

unusual plant - luminescent

close-up of tiny flower

the shaded front porch

front porch chandelier and accents

front door

antiqued door knocker

fountain turned planter

This covered front porch provides the perfect environment for a delicate shade garden.  Carolanne doesn't profess to be a horticulturist.  She can't tell you the names of all of her plants.  She is simply an artist with a very green thumb. . . . a 'mother' who tends lovingly to her 'children' . . . she brings to her garden what she finds to be beautiful and unigue - plants only what she loves - and the result is stunning.


babys tears and hydrangea

chinese flowering maple

cozy reading spot

fuschia urn

orchid flower - looks like a miniature orchid

close-up of flower

multi armed wall sconce

don't know the name of this beauty

And that was just the front  . . . come with me to the back garden

back of gate - red geraniums

garden armillary

chinese flowering maple

3-tiered dry fountain
A salvaged fountain 'sculpture' becomes a beautiful focal point when filled with plants instead of water

close up of fountain detail


busy bee

disneyland rose

garden swing

mixed garden border

cabbage roses

Carolanne scours local flea markets for her treasures, where she found this vintage patio set and handcrafted pillows


fuschia pot and close up of cushions

a vintage toleware chandelier adds an accent

geranium variety

flower market sign - well said!

bleeding heart vine

more fuschias - these look like little ballerinas

wicker settee tucked into a shady alcove

a single rosebud reaches for the sunshine

metal chippy birdhouse

hearts and flowers...

Carolanne added instant charm to her kitchen window with flea market shutters

mismatched chairs add charm to her alfresco dining area

hidden treasures - succulents and sculpture under a tree

possibly a variety of mullein?

another amazing fuschia basket - which I can't seem to grow at all!

little violas with their upturned faces

the perfect spot to sit and dream


Eden - my favorite rose variety

geranium and blue lobelia


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