Today it officially felt like the Christmas season as I decked out the home of a client.  I first supervised the installation of the outdoor lights and after that was complete, started decorating in the formal living room.
This elegant space has dark woods, deep golds and vibrant reds.  The decorations echo that color scheme.
My clients are travelling over the holidays, and so we'll put up just this small 'family' tree and add some festive touches for their enjoyment over the season.  This petite lighted tree is decked out in sugared and shiny fruit and tiny photos of children, pets and grandkids in beautiful little frames.
The red and gold theme transfers easily to the base of the tree and the wonderful fabric tucked around (which also hides the cords)
This elegant little package is actually the switch to turn the tree lights on and off.

The smiling faces of children and grandchildren make this little tree one of their favorite decorations each year.  I love the elegant little frames and the tiny jingle bell garland.
On the piano, a new nativity adds a beautiful accent.

I love to add little touches of Christmas throughout the house.  Here a tiny accent lamp is made festive with a sprig of sugared fruit.

A glass hurricane with red and gold ornaments is added to the coffee table

In the entry is a dramatic curving staircase.  The garland gets a custom look in stages.  First, a plain garland (this one has snowy tips) is draped on the bannister.
I added evergreen picks at the bottom of the staircase, full of pinecones and frosty accents.
Red berries add a color punch.  The client is getting some ribbon for me to add to this at a later date.
I added a swag of green (cut from a larger pinecone laden garland)  to the living room sconces.
Adding the red berries here adds a pop of color and ties this room in with the entry.

You don't need a lot of decorations to make a holiday impact in a beautiful room.
A similar treatment is used in the formal dining room - this swag is bedecked with sugared fruit.

A centerpiece of red peonies and mums with frosty pine and snowy berries accents the table.

A close up of the beautiful dining room curtains reveals the red and gold color scheme.
The kitchen gets a festive apple wreath for the bay window over the sink.
The family room mantle is decorated with snow tipped garland, festive lights and our familiar red berries.

Family photos are the main decoration for the mantle.  Usually, the family room holds the large family Christmas tree and the mantle is bedecked with her collection of snowmen.  But, we are doing 'light' decorating this year, so we have left the snowmen to sleep in their boxes for another year.
We couldn't resist pulling this charming Snowman out to decorate the top of the entertainment unit. 
Just a few more touches - and we're done...  I'll post more on the finishing touches later.



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